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Contact us & Samples

Samples (consisting of a small piece directly from our stock) are imited to a maximum of 2 per customer / address
and delivered FREE of charge within the UK Mainland - Please allow 3-5 days for samples to arrive.

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Colosseo Toscano Porcelain Tiles
(7 minutes ago)
The colour and pattern of Colosseo Toscano is a base of dark greys with evenly distributed flecks of lighter greys throughout. It is reminiscent of...
Full details
Quartzite White Porcelain Tiles
(29 minutes ago)
Quartzite White Interior/ Exterior porcelain is difficult to distinguish from Natural Stone. It offers exceptional technical performance; easy to...
Full details
Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving Slabs
(36 minutes ago)
Yorkstone is a term for a particularly dense variety of sandstone from quarries in Yorkshire. It is known for its hard wearing and durable...
Full details
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