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Stone Pointing Products

Modern resin-based grouting saves both time and labour. Our comprehensive range of GFTK VDW pointing products will meet your needs, whatever the job - be it a patio, a path, a domestic driveway or commercial hard standing.

From pointing the highest quality rectified paving to setting rough-cut granite cobbles - with gaps of 3mm upwards, we can recommend, supply and deliver straight to your site.


Our fabulous range of GFTK product come in different colors (Natural, Stone Grey, Sand beige and Basalt)


Available in 4 different types with 4 colours each in 25 kg tubs


Provides a smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance porous/semi porous surface


No loose stones, SUDS porous/semi porous area, durable and lasting, UV stable, Low maintenance, anti-slip and wheelchair friendly.

All stone dimensions (unless specified) are in mm