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Silver Grey Granite Sawn Cobbles

These granite setts also called cobblestones or cobbles have a very flat and smooth texture. The cobbles can be used in any situation with a traditional or contemporary design.

Have you ever noticed the sparkle of granite under a light or a sunny day? In this stone you cant miss the subtle random flashes of reflected light. It's easy to create a bright and uplifting atmosphere with this material. One of the best choices for a contemporary look, without resorting to solid colours.

£ 53.00 per m² + VAT

The Product Sheet

Silver Sawn Cobbles
These cobbles have been flamed and have a very smooth texture with good slip resistance. Suitable in both traditional or contemporary design.



Price per m²
200 x 100
50 mm
sawn and flamed
£53.00 + VAT

All stone dimensions (unless specified) are in mm