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Quartzite Paving Products

These quartzite paving slabs have a unique visual appeal. Their texture contains distinctive quartz sparkles. Available in 3 colours and several sizes (including the crazy paving shape), our exterior quartzite flagstones are highly durable and dense and will definitely add a sense of endless elegance to your outdoor garden or exterior project.

The gold crazy paving as well as any other quartzite paving flagstone product is very strong and can therefore easily be used on drives and pathways.

Lucerna Quartzite

Lucerna Quartzite Paving Slabs

Quartzite Paving

Quartzite Paving Slabs


Lucerna is a very strong, generally light coloured stone. Available in varying thickness between 30 and 50 mm


Enjoys world-wide popularity as shown in its use in monuments and large architectural applications.


Quartzite in crazy paving as a cost effective and very strong stone, is an easy and natural choice


Available in 3 different dimensions, this stone has a thickness which varies between 25 and 40 mm


Quartzite paving slabs are a cost effective choice for your garden and other exterior projects


Very strong paving stone available in one size and varying thickness between 25 and 40 mm

All stone dimensions (unless specified) are in mm