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Ragstone Walling Products

Ragstone is a very hard limestone which has traditionally as a road stone, cobble or sett and as a walling block. It was very popular in the 19th century construction industry and is seen in many local buildings, especially churches.

‘Spalls’, fist-sized irregular chips of ragstone, are an ideal filling material for gabions.

Available in large and smaller sizes, our ragstone products can be used with great effect for rockery and garden water features but also as walling or fire pits.


Can be used for your general landscaping requirements and is ideal for walling, rockeries, water features or fire pits


Available in 2 dimensions and coupled with other ornaments next to a path or perimeter fence can make a striking design statement.


Traditional and rustic, ragstone walling is an appealing choice for the most rustic garden wall.


Rag is ideal for rockeries and walling. Various size ranges are available

All stone dimensions (unless specified) are in mm