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Oken Buff Sandstone Coping and Steps

Oken Buff Natural Sandstone Steps and Copings have a uniform sand/buff colour, a flat surface and are calibrated to a substantial 40 mm thickness. The 1.5 m Bullnosed Step is the longest off-the-shelf step that we sell but we also carry the 1 m long steps.

The Oken Buff Copings, at 1000 mm x 350 mm, are made to top a double-brick wall and have slightly rounded top edges, not bullnosed. Lastly, we can make bespoke Oken Buff sandstone copings or steps which are longer and/or curved.

From £ 48.00 per lm + VAT

The Product Sheet

Oken Buff
With a uniform sand/buff colour, the 1.5 m, 40 mm thick Oken Buff Step is the largest we sell. We can also make larger bespoke pieces.



Price per linear meter
1000 x 350
40 mm
£48.00 + VAT
1000 x 400
40 mm
bullnosed and sawn
£52.00 per lm + VAT
1500 x 400
40 mm
bullnosed and sawn
£52.00 per lm + VAT

All stone dimensions (unless specified) are in mm