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Fossil Mint Sandstone Tiles

Similar to the fossil mint sandstone paving, these 12 mm thick calibrated sandstone tiles have the same highly variable colours. The colour that appears most often is a pale mint green. However yellows, browns, reds and even purples can be seen in this calibrated sandstone tile. The black fern-like fossils (mineral deposits) adorn many of the calibrated stone tiles.

These fossil mint sandstone tiles are naturally riven with a thickness of 12 mm.

£ 28.00 per m² + VAT

The Product Sheet

Fossil Mint Tiles
Sandstone calibrated tiles have a sandpaper rough surface that can be made more tactile with the right sealant. Indoors, a sealant is recommended to be used.



Price per m²
400 x 400
12 mm
£28.00 + VAT

All stone dimensions (unless specified) are in mm