Sleek, Modern Bathroom Designs

Atlas Concorde's Marvel porcelain collection took center stage in this project, delivering a modern and refined marble-inspired interior. The transformation of the family home's downstairs toilet and shower room, though compact in size, leaves a lasting impression of awe-inspiring beauty.

Inspired by the opulence of London's prestigious classic hotels, the client envisioned a bathroom that exudes elegance and sophistication. Carefully curated, Atlas Concorde Marvel Carrara Pure porcelain tiles were selected for their timeless, delicate swirls and natural veining.

The high-gloss porcelain tiles, with their mirror-like brilliance, authentically capture the essence of white Carrara marble, infusing the space with a sense of warmth and comfort. To ensure safety in wet areas, matte tiles with an anti-slip R10 rating were chosen for the floor surfaces. This deliberate contrast between the luxurious polished marble-effect wall tiles and the tactile elegance of the matte floor surfaces creates a uniquely modern design aesthetic.

A captivating feature wall, adorned with Atlas Concorde Cold White Chevron decorative tiles, serves as the centerpiece of the shower area. This mesmerizing wall is visible from the kitchen area through a small doorway, inviting the imagination to explore its depths. 

Crafted with monochromatic finesse, it adds remarkable depth to the entire project. Two recessed bathroom shelves, adorned with Carrara Pure porcelain tiles, offer a stylish space for beauty products.

The single Dialogo Calacatta Delicato Silk Finish basin, also from Atlas Concorde, embodies understated sophistication, seamlessly blending Carrara Pure porcelain with a modern design. Its sleek and uncomplicated lines epitomise smooth simplicity, making it the perfect addition to this contemporary bathroom oasis.

Companies involved with this project:

Installer: Pascoe Tilers,

Materials used in this project:

Marvel Chevron Cold White Chevron Interior Tiles 305x250x9mm

Marvel Carrara Pure Polished Wall Tiles 600x600x9mm

Marvel Carrara Pure Matt Floor Tiles 600x600x9mmm

Dialogo Calacatta Delicato Silk Finish Basin